Play Free Solitaire

Online Solitaire – Basics

Many Solitaire games may be played on small surfaces, sometimes smaller than a card table. But some others need a bigger playing surface, and these games are frequently played on the floor or on a bedspread. Miniature playing cards are also available for use with huge layouts on a card table. These are typically half the size of traditional playing cards.

How to Play Online Solitaire

The game begins after shuffling the deck of 52 cards. The tableau should be set by dividing the faced-down cards into 7 columns. Card distribution should be performed in this way: rather than filling the first column, then the second, the cards should be placed in some kind of rows, where each new card will be located in the next column.

As an example, the first seven cards will generate Tableau’s seven columns. Because the first column already includes one card, the eighth card distributed will be placed in the second column.

After the piles are finished, they should be cascaded downhill to make a “reverse staircase” to the right. Finally, you’ll have seven piles, with the first holding one card, and each next column contains one more card than the previous. Only the final card in each Tableau column is flipped over face up so that the suit, color, and value can be seen.

The Goal of the Game

In order to win, the player must place all of the cards into the four vacant Foundations piles by suit color and numerical sequence, beginning with Ace and working your way up to King.

Features of Online Solitaire

Tableau. This is section has seven columns, with the first column carrying one card and each subsequent column containing one more card. The last card in each pile is turned face up.

Stockpile. If the player has remaining cards, they can be drawn here and used in a game later. If the card was hanging in the stockpile a while – it would be eliminated. Those cards that are located neither the tableau nor foundation, after the turnover of all cards, can be drawn again from the stockpile according to the same order they were placed here.